5 HTP Side Effects – Are They Really There?

5 HTP is not a new discovery for controlling and maintaining Serotonin levels in the human body, but its use for facilitating weight loss is relatively new. It works by raising serotonin levels in the body, which results in managing moods, blood pressure and even controlling headaches and stress. Along with that, it also results in suppressing appetite, which was previously considered as one of the 5 HTP Side Effects. But, after several clinical researches and tests, it was finally revealed that it can help control obesity as well by the way it works; and amazingly, the results are more than just amazing.

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Serotonin is a naturally produced neurotransmitter that is controlled by the brain to work out several functions in the human body. Using this neurotransmitter for controlling health conditions is not new. Most of the medicines used for taking care of headache/migraine, anxiety, sleeping disorders and stress have been using this natural production for ages.


5 HTP side effects


5 HTP is not found in food in abundance, therefore it is given as supplements to overcome its deficiency. This is the reason side effects of this neurotransmitter usually come about when it is taken more than the recommended dose. On an average, the advised dose ranges from 150mg to 300mg, depending on the severity of the condition. Dosage more than that results in 5 HTP toxicity, which may cause nausea, heartburn, stomach pain and even problems related to sexual activity. It may prove fatal as well.

As far as the use of 5 HTP for weight loss is concerned, there are no side effects as long as the advised dose does not exceed the recommended amount. The result is therefore, gradual loss of weight by suppressing appetite, controlling mood swings and other factors that lead to over eating.

The way 5 HTP works for weight loss is amazing and has been verified by numerous clinical studies and lab tests. A recent study showed that people who were using 5 HTP regularly while not being on diet lost several pounds over a few weeks. Although the test done was not on a huge number of people, but still, the results were very assenting, clearly showing that these supplements are indeed helpful in weight loss.

5 HTP helps in losing weight by three ways. First of all, it suppresses appetite, resulting in consumption of less food and ultimately fewer calories. When the body is consuming fewer calories and still maintaining the same work routine, the body will first stop accumulating weight, and when it becomes stable at one place, it will start losing the fat to produce energy needed for daily routine.

The second step that 5 HTP takes is that it uplifts the mood and relieves stress. Millions of people out there have the habit of eating more especially sugary foods when they are feeling low. This is because stress and anxiety may result in the drop of sugar levels resulting in cravings out of nowhere. These untimed and untamed cravings are a major reason leading to obesity. By controlling such moods, 5 HTP helps in getting a hold of such cravings and thus helps in controlling overeating.

The result is therefore, fewer amount of calories consumed. Plus, good mood and a healthy lifestyle results in smooth flow of hormones and blood to all parts of the body. The body starts getting all the required nutrients and to keep up the pace, it has to burn more calories; thus leading to gradual weight loss, without going on any diet plan.

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The third step is regulating the metabolic processes inside the body that help in digesting different nutrients, controlling the cell mechanism that consume energy and assisting in the consumption of fat cells instead of muscle cells. Scientifically, it is an established fact that the muscles are the first source of energy when a body is going low on energy and has to keep up. The human body can easily breakup muscle cells as compared to fat cells to produce energy. However, if the metabolic processes are tuned in a way that the fat is consumed first or the body starts believing that fat cells are easily breakable, these cells go first. This is what 5 HTP does during the third step.

5 HTP regulates several hormonal activities in the body that facilitate the fat burning process to make energy. Compared to muscles, fat have a lot more energy. So, even if the body is getting less calories, is on a strict low fat diet plan, it still does not feel drained and weak. Instead of that, the body becomes more active and energized because it has a lot more energy at its disposal to burn off.

There are conditions when 5 HTP side effects are unavoidable. For instance, there might be a feeling of slight nausea, stomach ache or muscle soreness when 5 HTP supplements are used for the first time. This is because the body has to adjust to increased levels of Serotonin. These symptoms are temporary and gradually fade away. However, this can be avoided by taking a small dose of these supplements for the first few days and then gradually increasing the dose to the recommended dosage. The recommended first dose can be 50mg every 24 hours. As the body adjusts, increase the dose to 150 or 200mg. Other side effects may be caused by using low quality 5 HTP supplements.

Most of the 5 HTP side effects are a result of 5 HTP toxicity, which is caused by having increased doses of these supplements over several days. It is therefore, advised that proper consultation be made with the doctor to calculate normal serotonin levels inside the body so that the level could be maintained.

For best results relating to weight loss, the advised dose is 150mg in 24 hours, each supplement pill taken 20-25 minutes before a full meal. The results usually start appearing after 2-3 weeks, but may appear earlier as well. It is better to cut the amount of 5 HTP intake once the required weight is achieved. Taking 50mg of 5 HTP to retain the results is an ideal amount.

Other than that, 5 HTP side effects are equal to none even on the long run. It is perfectly safe and does not lead to any harm to physical or mental health at any time.

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